• Hatching Technology Start-ups

    Hatching Technology Start-ups

Cackleberry Ventures assists the entrepreneurs to create the start-up and improve their value proposition by receiving mentoring through their primary steps. Cackleberry Ventures also helps the integration process as well as the administrative tasks. As a result, entrepreneurs are equipped with all the assistance and guidance they require to have an operational start-up.

Cackleberry Ventures assists developing companies to pursue innovative technological products, services. As the startup develops it engages recognition and becomes more tempting to potential 2nd phase investors.

Our Company specialises in the implementation of high tech start-up ideas to materialize through a high penetrating rate of global investors.

Cackleberry Ventures will at certain times initially invest in a selection of start-ups. We don’t charge the entrepreneurs any fees to submit their start-up. In cases which a start-up is not invested in by Cackleberry Ventures but is simply connected to an investor through Cackleberry Ventures introductions they are then and only then charged with a success fee of 5% on funds raised.

  • Get Mentoring

    • Where in your business do you think a mentor can help your company best?
    • What skills does your ideal mentor possess?
    • Is there a specific industry that you wish your mentor would have experience in more than other industries?
    • Did you ever work with a mentor before?
    • How many hours (per month) would you prefer support? (once / twice a month, weekly)
  • Submission Process (3 steps to getting started):

    1. STEP: Apply for Funding or Mentoring through our start-up form.
    2. STEP: Our team will contact you to assess your idea and discuss about your start-up.
    3. STEP: If your application is approved we’ll include you in our portfolio for funding or mentoring.

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